Wooden Doll Stand, $25

Wooden Doll Stand, $25.00

This wooden doll stand features a 5.75” disk, with a wooden dowel, which fits into the hole drilled in the disk. You will receive them separated. When you receive the stand, place the dowel in the hole in the disk, and then place your doll on the stand with the dowel going through the ring sewn on the back. If the dowel sticks up over the doll’s head, take it out of the hole and trim what you need off the unpainted end. Then you may wish to place a drop of wood glue in the hole and replace the dowel.

Each stand has been painted with terracotta colors. If you want, get creative and add painting of your own, or even scraps of fabric or floral moss glued to the diskā€¦ It is only limited by your imagination!! HAVE FUN!

These stands are handcrafted by my husband Bob

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